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What is the REACT Games?

The REACT Games is an annual competition between sports clubs in Southern England for those aged 50 plus.

The events are usually held on a single day in October / November and the clubs take it in turn to host the competition.

Recent games have seen 11 different clubs competing in 50+ and 65+ sections across a range of 6-7 different sports.


The 2020 REACT Games will be held at Fareham, Hampshire. Further information to follow.


In 2019 the REACT Games were held on Thursday October 10th at Wycombe Leisure Centre. Overall winners were High Wycombe with runners-up Woking. Please click Results or Images to see more.

The Competitions

REACT Badminton competition


REACT Short Tennis competition

Short Tennis

REACT Table Tennis competition

Table Tennis

REACT Racket Ball competition

Racket Ball

REACT Short Mat competition

Short Mat

REACT Swimming competition


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